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A logo of the company trilift by lumensis.

Achieve a facelike-like effect with a non-surgical process.

Elevate Your Experience With Exclusive Medical Spa Treatments

Embark on an exclusive medical spa journey with Beauty + Grace Aesthetics. Proudly serving Fayetteville and surrounding areas of North Carolina.  We are committed to providing exceptional aesthetic and wellness services, including a weight management program for our local community.

Luxurious Facilities

Our medical spa boasts brand new, state-of-the-art devices showcasing LUMENIS, a global leader in the aesthetics industry for over 50+ years, topped with our highly trained staff, top-of-the-line customer service, elite medical-grade products, and soothing treatment rooms with a relaxation lounge where you can unwind before or after your treatment.

Our Philosophy

At our medical spa, we believe in providing a top-notch aesthetic experience in a relaxing and luxurious boutique setting.

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